“Embracing its diversity, ETHS is committed to educating all of its students to their maximum potential.” 
ETHS District 202 Mission Statement

This commitment requires not only respect for the differences in students and staff from widely diverse social, economic, cultural, linguistic, intellectual, racial, educational, and religious backgrounds, but also a sustained effort to use that diversity to fulfill its commitment.

Our commitment to excellence requires that our students develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for full participation in a democratic society and in the global community. Active involvement and hard work are required on the part of the entire educational community. Since adolescence is a period of change and questioning, our school must guide and nurture students as they strive to become responsible citizens.

Our quest in all that we do is excellence, the standard against which we must measure our students and ourselves. Freedom of thought, of expression, and of intellectual exchange as well as disciplined effort is essential if we are to attain this excellence. To these ends, ETHS commits itself to fostering an atmosphere conducive to intellectual inquiry, innovation, enhanced self-esteem, mutual respect, and caring among all of the school community.

Eric Witherspoon, Ph.D.
Evanston Township High School District 202 Superintendent

November 2012


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Academic Highlights & Recognition

  • Nationally ranked in the top 1-2% of high schools (sources: U.S. World Report and Washington Post, April 2016)
  • Intel School of Distinction in Mathematics Excellence in 2010
  • Grammy Signature School for Excellence in Music Education (2013 semifinalist; winner in 2009, 2006, 2004)
  • School Search  2013 Bright Red Apple Award for Educational Excellence
  • 2016 Magna Award 1st Place winner in the under 5,000 enrollment category for the Team ASAP Program   https://www.nsba.org/newsroom/american-school-board-journal/magna-awards/additional-winners/teamasap
  • Gaston Caperton Inspirational Award 2013 Honorable Mention for promoting academic success & college readiness for all students
  • ACT Composite Score (Class of 2016): 23.3  *ACT scores range from 1-36. ACT includes all students (with & without accommodations) in its report of graduating seniors
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exams administered in 2016: 2,194 taken by 944 students (60% of juniors and seniors). 62% of these exams scored at a "3" and above.  Note: at ETHS, Advanced Placement courses are taken primarily by juniors and seniors.
  • National Merit Scholarship Program:  2 Winners, 10 Finalists, 11 Semifinalists and 28 commended Students (Class 0f 2016)
  • National Speech & Debate Association 2014 Debate School of Excellence


                   "All Are Welcome Here"    Evanston Township High School

         Good Morning, E-Town

         This is Dr. Witherspoon,

         Once in a while it's important that we pause and reflect on who we are and reaffirm our appreciation for one and other.

         This morning I want to remind all of you that ETHS is a safe and welcoming place for you. You attend a school where we not only respect differences, we embrace our diversity.

         We embrace one another's race and ethnicity. We embrace one another's family background, heritage, language and culture.

         We embrace one another's religion and your right to your own personal customs and beliefs.

         We embrace your sexual orientation and your gender identity.

         We embrace your special needs.

         We embrace you and value you as individual human beings.

         Never forget: you belong here at ETHS- each and every one of you.

         Today, I urge you to be kind and caring to one and other. Redouble your support for one another. And even though we cannot always control what is going on in the larger world around us,

                we can define our own school, our own  community.

         Let's make this school year a year of strengthening our sense of community here at ETHS, and let's affirm a  community legacy for all the students today and for those who will follow you at ETHS.

         The sun is shining today. Your school is a nurturing place for you to learn and grow. Your futures are bright.

         Let's protect and take care of each other.Everything is going to be okay.

         I love all of you. Fill your hearts with love for each other. And no matter what, remember, even today, that it is a great day to be a Wildkit.


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