I believe Equity is the lens through which all policy decisions must be made and is the cornerstone for what is possible and actionable. I believe that keeping our children "at the top of the pyramid" is crucial to everything we do on their behalf. I will continue to collaborate, to think outside of the social norms that often impede progress, and support efforts to move forward.

I celebrate and acknowledge ETHS for it is an extraordinary place in our community. Our diversity is worthy of praise and our desire for change opens pathways for success for our students. I believe that at ETHS we can best the notion that only some students can learn and our gathered capacity enables us to accomplish this.

Learning happens because schools wish to be meaningful instruments for change. At ETHS this is demonstrated through academic support for students and faculty who shape student success within a campus setting that reflects the financial commitment of residents. Evanston/Skokie is seeing that high expectations, caring, and a shared vision for student centered education produces results. I am part of strong board that with an administration leadership team enacts a shared vision which is setting an example nationwide.

What makes me a good colleague and candidate is my willingness to be confronted by different perspectives and understand my own limitations. I do not do this in isolation. Relationship building, partnerships, and a shared commitment are the tools necessary to impact students every day. I want to continue to be an integral part of the checks and balances that operate in order to deliver the best educational experience to our students.

My service is guided by the Equity and Excellence commitment below. For this I am so proud to be a representative for all that we can be.

ETHS Equity & Excellence Statement:

ETHS is committed to equity because excellence for all students requires equity. This commitment will be achieved by:

  • Providing all students with resources, opportunities, supports and interventions to ensure that they achieve their full potential.
  • Giving students what they need to maximize their learning and well being.
  • Assuring that all ETHS staff members actively continue to examine and eliminate institutional beliefs, policies, practices, and teaching that perpetuate racial disparities in achievement.
  • Preparing all students to succeed in a multi-cultural society by teaching the contributions and viewpoints of all people.
  • Raising the achievement of all students while eliminating the predictability of achievement.

September 7, 2011



 © Daniel Tian

© Daniel Tian